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“Cancer Biologist Explains the Importance of Early Cancer Detection and Top Lifestyle Tips For Cancer Prevention with Dr. Joseph Zundell”

Despite significant strides in cancer research over the past two decades, there remains a vast realm of uncertainty surrounding the impact of various cancers on individuals. Amidst the proliferation of cancer discourse on social media, distinguishing evidence-based information from conjecture can prove challenging. Today’s guest is here to untangle all the complexities.

Today, on The Dhru Purohit Show, Dhru sits down with Dr. Joseph Zundell to discuss the research behind cancer prevention. Dr. Zundell shares the lifestyle factors that influence the development of cancer and the cutting-edge technologies for early cancer detection. He also shares his thoughts on the fasting-mimicking diet, cancer as a metabolic disease, and alcohol and cancer. Dr. Zundell also outlines the path forward and identifies the research that still needs to be completed.

In this episode, you will learn »

Technology for early detection of cancer (4:55)
Obesity and visceral fats link to cancer (22:56)
Exercising to build muscle and for longevity (28:57)
Protein intake and the metabolic process (35:00)
Fasting mimicking diet before chemotherapy (47:14)
Otto Werberg’s research (53:17)
Cancer as a metabolic disease (58:15)
An overview of Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s work and Dr. Zundell’s viewpoint (1:07:07)
Dr. Zundell’s views on what needs additional research (1:09:43)
Dr. Zundell’s origin story (1:18:54)
Socioeconomic status and its impact on disease (1:30:37)
Rapid fire community questions (1:34:02)

“Holistic Pediatrician Reveals Top Reasons Why Kids Are Sicker Than Ever Before And How To Raise Resilient and Healthy Kids With Dr. Elisa Song”

Despite technological advances, today’s children confront so many physical and mental health hurdles. We’re amidst a mental health crisis, with childhood chronic diseases on the rise. The pressures of modern life, processed foods, and sedentary lives are all culprits.

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dr. Elisa Song and I dive into raising healthy and happy kids. Dr. Song delves into the latest research on the surge in childhood chronic diseases and mental health disorders. She unpacks the factors influencing the gut microbiome’s health and protective lifestyle habits that foster overall wellness and resilience. If you are seeking guidance on nurturing healthy, happy children, this episode is a must!

Three Big Ideas from this Episode:

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Big Idea 1: Brace yourself for the numbers! 1 in 2 children grapple with chronic health woes, while another 1 in 2 face the likelihood of mental health diagnosis. Dr. Song breaks down these stark statistics and equips us with the tools to shield our children from becoming mere data points.

Big Idea 2: Beware the food trap! Ultra-processed foods wield the power to shrink children’s brains. Join us in this episode to uncover how the food industry manipulates young minds, steering them towards processed cravings and their detrimental impact on brain health, behavior, and gut microbiome.

Big Idea 3: There is hope! Dr. Song reveals three actionable strategies for children to counter the perils of modern life, stressors, and screen exposure. Tune in for a roadmap to navigate these challenges and foster resilience in the younger generation.

In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Song dive into »

00:00:12: Chronic disease and mental health disorders are on the rise for teens
8:00: The importance of the gut microbiome
15:00: Stressors to the gut microbiome
21:00: Food additives that hijack our brains
31:00: Risk versus reward
38:00: Grandparent mentality
41:00: The birth control pill and the side effects
48:00: Antibiotic resistance in chicken
52:00: Having a healthy gut is the key to optimal health
57:00: Creating happy and healthy kids
1:04:00: Constant stimulation and protecting bodies with active lifestyles
1:18:00: Healing the gut and sensory sensitivities
1:26:00: Nutrient deficiencies and the correlation to conditions
1:28:00: It’s never too late to restore gut health
1:34:00: Final Thoughts

“Killing and Starving Cancer Cells Using the Power of Ketogenic Diets, Metabolic Therapies, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Combined with Standard of Care with Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D.”

We’ve heard about Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s groundbreaking research and approach to cancer as a disease of metabolic dysfunction. Today’s guest was inspired by Dr. Seyfried’s metabolic approach and conducted his own research on brain cancer cells using ketone-based metabolic therapy and hyperbaric oxygen. His findings were mind-blowing!

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino to discuss his extensive research on brain cancer cells placed in ketosis and under the pressure of hyperbaric oxygen. Dr. D’Agostino shares why his findings provide further insight into the idea that cancer cell growth can be metabolically managed. He also discusses how exercise and a low-carbohydrate diet can be used as metabolic therapies to reduce cancer risk. Dr. D’Agostino shares the critical tests we should focus on to assess our metabolic health and the essential supplements that can support ketosis.

In this episode, you will learn »

The most innovative approaches to cancer (00:00:11)
The metabolic approach to cancer (1:30)
Using the hyperbaric approach in cancer patients (13:00)
The results of Dr. A’gostino’s studies on mice (17:00)
How this research translates to patients (22:00)
Why a ketogenic diet can be therapeutic (37:00)
The role of exercise in cancer prevention (53:00)
What lifestyle factors should we be doubling down on for prevention (55:00)
Dr. D’Agostino’s thoughts on a low carbohydrate diet (1:01:00)
The therapeutic benefits of ketosis (1:11:00)
Supplements that can support ketosis (1:19:00)
How to measure for ketosis (1:24:00)
Checking the status of your metabolic health (1:26:00)
Where to find community (1:34:00)

#1 Menopause Doctor: Biggest Myths On Weight Gain, Diet & Exercise For Women with Dr. Mary Claire Haver”

The transition to menopause has historically lacked comprehensive discussion and is often perceived as an abrupt occurrence without recourse. Our guest today has emerged as a vocal advocate, shedding light on the journey from perimenopause to menopause and providing empowering strategies for women navigating this transformative phase.

Today, on the Dhru Purohit Show, Dhru sits down with menopause expert Dr. Mary Claire Haver. Dr. Haver guides us through the myths and misconceptions surrounding perimenopause and menopause. She sheds light on the misguided research and beliefs that contributed to a lack of awareness about this transition for women and the challenges women face during this time. This episode is a must-list for women of any age!

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Dr. Mary Claire Haver is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist. In 2021 she opened Mary Claire Wellness, a clinic dedicated to caring for the menopausal patient. She developed the best-selling book and program called The Galveston Diet, a three-pronged lifestyle plan that encourages fuel refocusing, intermittent fasting, and anti-inflammatory nutrition to manage hormonal symptoms, stabilize weight, and revitalize the body as it ages to provide benefits that will last a lifetime.

In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Song dive into »

Why women are living in poorer health later in life (0:00:28 / 0:00:28)

The implications of lack of education about perimenopause and menopause (9:03 / 5:41)

Surprising symptoms related to perimenopause (14:35 / 11:30)

Hormonal changes that cause visceral fat (18:53 / 15:45)

What habits can help women reduce visceral fat (34:11 /29:36)

Protein and resistance training (40:05 / 35:02)

A disruption in sleep quality and sleep apnea in women (43:51 / 38:00)

The stress impact on women (50:50 /45:25)

Gaslighting and lack of education: why women aren’t being heard (56:36 / 51:50)

How menopause impacts gut health(1:01:12 / 56:25)

Supplements to support perimenopause and menopause (1:03:58 / 58:59)

HRT: Who is it for, how much, and when? (1:15:40 / 1:10:56)

“The Top Reasons Why Regular Alcohol Consumption Is Holding You Back And What To Do About It With Ruari Fairbairns”

Alcohol is often featured prominently in celebrations and social gatherings, fostering connections. However, we know that regular alcohol consumption can significantly affect both our physical and mental well-being. Our guest today is poised to explore society’s relationship with alcohol, broaden our perspectives on the possibilities of a sober, curious lifestyle, and show us what true connections can look like.

Today, on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru and Ruari Faribairns delve into the impact of regular alcohol consumption, its societal significance, and the transformative effects of prioritizing sobriety. Ruari candidly shares his journey with alcohol, childhood traumas, and the genesis of his subscription-based community. Tune in for insightful inspiration to reassess your relationship with alcohol and explore what lies beyond.

In this episode, you will learn »

Regular consumption of alcohol is holding you back (0:00:06)
What shows up when you go 28 days without alcohol (4:54)
The need for connection and joining the tribe as a hindrance to stopping alcohol (10:00)
Ruari’s relationship to alcohol (16:00)
Reasons people choose to numb out with alcohol (23:00)
The types of individuals that Ruari coaches (31:30)
High-functioning individuals who actively drink and what the goal should be (39:00)
Ruari’s childhood and the role of childhood traumas (48:00)
What you can prioritize once the focus is off alcohol (1:04:00)
The vital role of community (1:09:00)
Adding in to crowd out bad habits (1:19:00)
What you can make progress in when alcohol isn’t the lead (1:28:00)
Ruari’s life-changing moments (1:33:00)
Dhru’s thoughts on alcohol (1:46:00)

“The Top Weight Loss Do’s and Don’ts for Women 40+ with JJ Virgin”

When it comes to weight loss, many folks rely on the traditional method of calorie reduction and ramping up their exercise routine. But what happens when this strategy falls flat? And how can we ensure that the pounds shed are mostly fat and not precious muscle? It’s high time we shift our mindset and focus on reshaping our bodies—because it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about optimizing our composition for better health and graceful aging.

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with JJ Virgin to discuss her most impactful tips for losing weight, building muscle, and aging powerfully. JJ Virgin is a renowned health and fitness expert, bestselling author, and prominent media personality. With over three decades of experience in the field, she has become a trusted authority in nutrition, weight loss, and wellness. She is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook.

In this episode, you will learn »

The do’s and don’ts of weight loss for women over 40 (1:28)
The benefits of having lean muscle mass (10:20) -Why too much healthy food is unhealthy (12:40)
The difference between weight loss and shifting your body composition (23:28)
The importance of tracking calories (28:35)
How to hit your target protein intake (33:06)
Where carbs and fiber fit into weight loss (46:18)
Thoughts on Ozempic (54:12)
Thoughts on the body positivity movement (1:02:08)
Thoughts on intermittent fasting as a vehicle for weight loss (1:07:13)
Doubling down on the basics: sleep, diet, exercise, and stress (1:13:24)
The worst way to start your morning (1:19:31)
Best and worst practices for lunchtime (1:22:50)
A practical approach to starting strength training (1:26:01)
The role of sleep and stress when not losing weight (1:46:31)
Where to follow JJ’s work (1:56:00)

“The True Cause of Fatty Liver Disease and the Top Dietary and Lifestyle Habits to Address It with Kristin Kirkpatrick & Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh”

When discussing chronic disease and crucial organs, we don’t always think about the role the liver plays in our body. Yet, the liver has a role in every metabolic process in the body, including ensuring our blood sugar levels are stable or ensuring that amino acids are converted into fuel.

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Kristin Kirkpatrick & Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh to shed light on an epidemic affecting one in four people: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Dr. Hanouneh and Kristin share the biggest risk factors that lead to fatty liver disease including, metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, and insulin resistance. Dr. Hanouneh and Kristin discuss the rising prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, emphasizing major risk factors such as metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, and insulin resistance. They also explore how factors like the consumption of ultra-processed foods, sugar, and a sedentary lifestyle contribute to the increase in fatty liver cases.

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Despite these challenges, there is hope. Dr. Hanouneh and Kristin share that fatty liver is a lifestyle disease, and changes to eating and lifestyle habits can effectively treat most cases of this condition.

Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh, MD, is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist specializing in liver disease.

Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RDN, is a celebrated author, speaker, and accomplished dietitian with over 25 years in the field. Teaming up with Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh, Kristin co-authored the bestselling book Skinny Liver in 2017, and their upcoming release is called Regenerative Health.

In this episode, you will learn »

The top warning signs that you have fatty liver disease (2:36 / 2:36 )
What leads to fatty liver and the major components of fatty liver disease (4:21 / 4:21)
The relationship between fatty liver disease and chronic inflammation (20:08 / 18:45)
What has caused the increase in rates of fatty liver disease (25:14 / 23:45)
How to treat and reverse fatty liver disease (44:28 / 41:31)
Four metabolic types and the importance of identifying your type for risk of fatty liver (51:44 / 48:30 )
The key tests to measure your risk of fatty liver disease (1:12:17 / 1:08:40)
Factors beyond your control that can contribute to fatty liver disease (1:16:27 / 1:12:30)
Alcohol and its role in fatty liver disease (1:25:40 / 1:22:40)
Gut health and fiber consumption and the impact on the liver (1:31:25 / 1:28:10)
12 Liver-friendly foods to incorporate into your diet (1:36:57 / 1:33:43)
Supplements that can support liver health (1:48:50 / 1:45:30)

“Top Hormone Doctor Explains How Chronic Stress and Yo-Yo Dieting Drive Weight Gain and What You Can Do About It with Dr. Taz Bhatia”

Battling belly fat, navigating sleep disruptions, managing stress, and grappling with hormonal fluctuations become paramount concerns for women stepping into their late 30s and 40s. In the complex terrain of perimenopause and menopause, many brave through these challenges without a roadmap to clarity or actionable steps.

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with board-certified physician Dr. Taz Bhatia to discuss hormonal shifts women face as they head into their 40s. Dr. Taz shares the five patterns women face that lead to changes in body composition, the challenges that come with hormonal imbalances, and the damaging lifestyle habits that can exacerbate these challenges. She also discusses the key reasons women may feel constantly hungry and how fasting can be damaging for a woman already under chronic stress. Dr. Taz gives us her hot takes on the social media trends that ignore the fundamentals and her thoughts on alcohol and GLP-1 pharmaceuticals.

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Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, commonly known as Dr. Taz, is a board-certified physician specializing in integrative and emergency medicine, pediatrics, and prevention, with expertise in women’s health, weight loss, and nutrition. She is the author of Super Woman Rx, What Doctors Eat, The 21-Day Belly Fix, and the host of RadioMD’s The Dr. Taz Show. Her newest book is The Hormone Shift: Balance Your Body and Thrive Through Midlife and Menopause.

In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Taz dive into »

Five patterns and challenges with body composition after 40 (1:51 / 1:51)
Four solutions to address the chemistry associated with hormonal changes (7:44 / 6:13)
The role of toxins and their impact on our hormonal patterns (14:56 / 13:07)
The five fundamental shifts that women experience (26:45 / 25:11)
The most damaging lifestyle habits for women in their 40’s (33:58 / 30:35)
Four reasons why women may feel constantly hungry (46:26 / 43:20)
Dr. Taz’s personal journey into practicing integrative medicine and healing herself (51:46 / 48:45)
Social media themes that are missing the mark and skipping past the fundamentals (1:00:24 / 57:30)
GLP-1 drugs and their impact on gut health (1:04:30 / 1:01:26)
Body composition versus weight tracking (1:09:45 / 1:06:40)
The importance of women building and keeping muscle in their 40’s (1:12:45 / 1:10:0)
Expressions of hormones for teenagers and what we can do to set them up for life (1:18:15 / 1:15:30)
Dr. Taz’s view and concerns about alcohol (1:29:07 / 1:26:40)
The 30-day hormone reset (1:31:16 / 1:28:20)
Two habits to incorporate and two habits to let go of (1:34:05 / 1:31:00)

“Toxicologist Reveals The Top 7 Sources of Hidden Toxins In Your Home And How to Protect You Brain And Body With Yvonne Burkart, PhD”

Unseen toxins lurk in everyday household products, increasing our risk of cancer and chronic diseases. They contaminate our air and water, and they’re everywhere. Learning where they hide empowers us to choose safer options, safeguarding our health and loved ones.

Today on The Dhru Purohit Show, Dhru sits down for round two with Dr. Yvonne Burkart, a board-certified toxicologist. Dr. Burkart shares the top sources of hidden toxins in everyday home products, such as candles, air fresheners, laundry detergents, and toilet paper. She also discusses the latest research on toxin exposure from household items, common toxic ingredients, and expert tips for minimizing exposure and enhancing detoxification.

In this episode, you will learn »

The number one source of toxins in the home (00:00:48)
Exposure to toxic chemicals over a lifetime (3:30)
Endocrine disruption and the impact on our body (11:35)
A low tox life and alternative options (14:00)
Nine ways to detox your lungs (24:00)
Supporting your detox pathways (38:00)
Dr. Burkart’s journey (40:30)
Glutathione depletion, supplementation, and natural sources (42:00)
Toxic toilet paper and alternatives (45:00)
Menstrual products and the hidden source of toxins (51:00)
The worst types of cookware (1:00:30)
Microplastic exposure in tea, water, and processed foods (1:11:30)
Detoxification with saunas (1:26:30)
Hacking your rice to remove arsenic and eating cleaner oats (1:33:20)
Dry cleaning, the dangers of greenwashing, and laundry detergents (1:43:00)
Final thoughts (1:53:30)

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