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ICBC Injury Claims

DesLauriers Chiropractic Group Inc. offers direct billing for ICBC injury claims.

Man after auto accidentMotor Vehicle Accidents are stressful events that can cause a lot of pain, discomfort, and re-aggravate previous injuries. We want to make sure you get back to your regular routines again and make it easier for you post-accident.

When you call to book your appointment, be sure to inform our office that it is related to a motor vehicle accident. You will be asked to provide us with your ICBC claim number and the accident date so we can verify your coverage prior to your appointment.

Your initial visit will be scheduled for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Patient forms will be emailed to you in advance so you can complete them prior to your appointment. During your initial visit, your Chiropractor will assess your current condition, review the details of your Motor Vehicle Accident, take x-rays (if needed), and provide a treatment. Your Chiropractor will also provide you with a recommended treatment plan.

What am I covered for?

Regardless of fault, practice members injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident on or after April 1, 2019, are pre-authorized for 25 chiropractic treatments within the first 12 weeks after your accident date. You do not need a doctor referral to begin treatment.

Once you have reached 12 weeks or maxed out your approved treatments, your Chiropractor can submit an extension request for further approval treatments.

If your accident was more than 12 weeks prior, ICBC may require our office to submit a report detailing your injuries prior to approving coverage. We will contact ICBC on your behalf prior to your appointment to confirm coverage.

ICBC Chiropractic Fee Schedule:

Initial Visit: ICBC pays a maximum of $112.00 for the initial visit. The patient is responsible for the difference if a fee for an appointment is higher than the maximum paid by ICBC.

Example #1: Adult Initial Visit: $120.00 fee Patient pays $8.00 user fee for their initial visit.
Example #2: Child Initial Visit: $75.00 fee Patient does not pay a user fee for their initial visit.

Subsequent Visits: ICBC pays a maximum of $61.00 per visit. The patient is responsible for the difference if a fee for an appointment is higher than the maximum paid by ICBC.

Example #1: Chiropractic Subsequent Visit: $70.00 fee Patient pays $9.00 user fee per visit.
Example #2: Spinal Decompression: $95.00 fee Patient pays $34.00 user fee per visit.
Example #3: Bioflex Laser Therapy: $70.00 fee Patient pays $9.00 user fee per visit.

Digital X-rays: ICBC will cover the cost of x-rays only if it has been determined that x-rays are necessary to provide Chiropractic care.

Late Cancellation & Missed Appointment Fees: We require a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice for appointments. ICBC does not pay for late cancellations/missed appointments. The patient will be charged a $45.00 Late Cancellation/Missed Appointment fee.

Additional Information Regarding ICBC’s New Enhanced Care Changes:

Click here to be directed to ICBC’s website and find out more about ICBC’s Enhanced Care and Coverages.

Pre-authorized treatments for Health Services (taken from the ICBC website)

The number of pre-authorized treatments are outlined in the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation and the Enhanced Accident Benefit Regulation. ICBC customers are able to access the preauthorized number of treatment sessions within the first 12 weeks from the date of their crash without ICBC approval. The pre-authorized treatment sessions include the initial assessment visit.

Health Care Service Pre-Authorized Treatments
Acupuncture 12
Chiropractic 25
Counselling 12
Kinesiology 12
Massage Therapy 12
Physiotherapy 25
Psychology 12

Pre-authorized treatments are limited to one treatment modality type a day, but there is no restriction to the combination of pre-authorized treatments. For example, a customer may attend a kinesiology treatment and a massage treatment, but not two kinesiology treatments on the same day.

DesLauriers Chiropractic Group Inc. is pleased to offer ICBC direct billing to our practice members. Recovering from an injury can be stressful enough without having to worry about the financial cost it may incur. Allowing us to direct bill for your care allows you to focus on healing and returning to your pre-accident lifestyle.

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