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DesLauriers Chiropractic Group Inc. Reviews

What Our White Rock Patients Say

At DesLauriers Chiropractic Group Inc. we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Great First Visit

Thank you for a great first visit for my son! He & my husband were so excited to share with me everything from the visit with Dr. Pierre. We feel so lucky to live just down the street from your office & look forward to having you treat our family! Thank you!

-Dylan L.

Walking Farther with Much Less Discomfort

I visited (for a different reason than that of 15 years ago), with questions ready, and feeling optimistic that the optimum solution would be arrived at. I left with questions answered. Even after the first visit, there was a huge improvement and between that visit and my subsequent ones, I am walking further with much less discomfort than I had in previous months.

-Dorothy B.

Looking Forward to Long-Term Relief

I have been to several chiropractors in my life and Dr. Kim Greene-DesLauriers is the most thorough I have seen. She spent a lot of time examining me during my initial appointment and documenting her findings. Dr. Green-DesLauriers took x-rays. Then she explained what she found and gave an outline of what my treatment would be. I am a new patient, but I feel very confident in her chiropractic methods and look forward to long-term relief.

-Laurel H.

Very Informative

I found all staff were excellent. The meeting with Dr. Pierre was very informative and led to good understanding of how my body is out of tune. I never felt hurried and enjoyed some humour in our discussion. Looking forward to my future treatment. At present I am requesting info from my records with various doctors.

-Charles R.

Helpful and Kind

What a refreshing experience! Dr Pierre took the time to ask many questions about my background and to discuss my situation in detail. There was absolutely no feeling of being rushed through our appointment as there is with so many health professionals. He offered realistic solutions that gave me greater understanding and made me feel very optimistic that we could improve my mobility and overall health. In addition, all the staff I dealt with were helpful and kind. The Covid protocols in place were also appreciated. I would definitely recommend Dr Pierre and his practice!

-Gail T.

Kind Educated Down to Earth and Very Helpful

We love and look forward to our experience each time. I started to bring my daughter and now all three of us my husband myself and my daughter see our chiropractor. Everyone is so kind but most of all we found our chiropractor
to be so kind educated down to earth and very helpful in resolving health issues.

-Hardip S.

Very Refreshing

My first visit was very refreshing in the sense that Dr Pierre took his time to understand and discuss my concerns and issues interactively. I have hope that going forward he will direct me in the right direction to heal my body.

I Finally Felt Heard

Thank you for listening to my concerns and treating all the areas I mentioned. For the first time after 4 other chiropractors, I finally felt heard. Thank you for all the tips and pointers on helping me get back to my healthy happy self!

-Sam J.

Very Professional

Very professional staffed office. I am feeling confident that my plantar fasciitis will subside with my given exercises and in office treatments. Kim has gone beyond helping me with my initial concern by offering up tips on additional exercises to help me feel stronger and more youthful. I am excited to give them a try.

-Tracy W.

I Sleep Well at Night and Wake Up Feeling Good

By having regular adjustments, I have been able to sleep well all night long and I wake up feeling good and not in pain. Chiropractic adjustments have made my life a lot more comfortable which allows me to do all my activities that I used to be able to do before like play hockey, golf and swim.


I Don’t Have to Take Pills for Pain Anymore

I began seeing Dr. Kim for adjustments and listening to her recommendations for vitamins and supplements to aid and help the cellular repair of my body. After a few months I had noticed a lot less pain in my lower back and my stress level greatly reduced. The best part about coming to Dr. Kim for chiropractic care is that I don’t have to take pills for pain anymore and having more range of movement in my neck has been wonderful!


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