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Why Posture Matters: The strength of your posture can affect overall health

PostureMonth-posture-matters-440x550Posture is an Indicator

How long, and how well you’ll live

Everyone knows people lose height as they age, but did you know your life can get shorter as you get shorter?

Research suggests the physical restriction of lungs and abdominal organs caused by loss of height caused a much higher risk of heart disease, stroke and respiratory mortality. In other words, allowing posture to worsen can shorten your life!

Posture also affects how well you’ll live. Posture related back problems are the number three reason for all doctor visits!

  • 65 million people in the US alone endure back pain every year
  • Low back pain is the most common disability for people under age 45, causing lost productivity, inability to participate in normal activities, and diminished enjoyment of life.
  • 80% of Americans suffer back pain during their lives

Young or old, most people don’t realize poor posture is a contributor to health problems.

How’s your posture?  Call our office today to schedule your Posture Assessment.

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