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Your Posture "ACE" : How Awareness, Control & Environment impact posture

posture-ace-440x550“ACE” Your Posture

How do your habits at work and play affect your body?

Posture Month is an annual reminder to find out how your posture changed over the last year… for better or for worse.

From workplace warriors to aging boomers who want to stay active, there’s confusion about what’s posture-smart, what’s a gimmick, and what’s actionable.

Find out how you stack up with a posture assessment. Take action to improve posture. Find out about new tools that help maintain strong posture, and get an expert view of others that might be a waste of time (and money).

ACE Your Posture

  • Awareness – Forget good or bad. Posture is strong or weak, and there’s always a path to improvement. A quick posture check is an annual must-do.
  • Control – Strong posture helps you to look your best and move without pain. A few minutes a day of posture exercise is all you need to improve your posture.
  • Environment – To maintain great posture create a posture-smart environment to put an end to bad habits! Easy fixes and new posture tech makes it easy.

How’s your posture?  Call our office today to schedule your Posture Assessment.

May is Posture Month. Visit us on Facebook to see a new posture tip for each day in May!