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Posture Month: Stand Taller

stand-taller-650x330Your posture is how the world sees you.   

Series9-FULL-236-PinterestHours of computer hunching, slouching while cell phone texting and slumping in front of the television affects your posture.  Exercise the muscles that help you stand tall by addressing how you Balance, Align and Move (BAM).  A few minutes a day focusing on your posture makes a difference.(1)

StrongPosture® Balance

  • BE A STORK and stand your tallest for 5 slow breaths
  • Try not to wave your arms around
  • Touch the wall if you need to stabilize
  • Repeat on both sides.

StrongPosture® Alignment

Stack your PostureZones

  • Ground your feet. Posture goes up from your feet
  • Engage your pelvic core. Center yourself by lifting belly button up and pulling slightly in to fire deep ab muscles
  • Open your chest.  Breathe stronger and unfold your slump by rolling shoulders up,  then back, then down
  • Level your head. Eyes look straight ahead, and align ears with shoulders to stand tall

StrongPosture® Motion

Strengthening posture is important to keep your body active and moving well.

All exercise is not created equal. Exercising with poor posture trains you to stand and move poorly. Controlled motion exercises like Yoga, Tai-Chi and StrongPosture® are a smart way to build body awareness and mindful control.

TIP: To get the most out of any athletic activity, lock in StrongPosture® to set your internal baseline before your workout.

Good posture is so important for physical and emotional health. By addressing all 3 elements of your Posture ACE you’ll stand taller and stronger.
1. Stand Taller Live Longer, An Anti- Aging Strategy, S Weiniger, BodyZone Press, 2008
2. Strengthening Posture Perception to Objective Reality,

How’s your posture?  Call our office today to schedule your Posture Assessment.

May is Posture Month. Visit us on Facebook to see a new posture tip for each day in May!

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