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Posture Month: Walk Strong


Studies show walking improves self-esteem and motivation while significantly reducing anxiety, fatigue and even arthritis. (1/2)

Not paying attention to posture often results in a gradual slumping forward and breakdown, along with losing spinal mobility. Whether from incomplete rehab of an injury or habitual inactivity, asymmetric motion creeps into every step when posture breaks down. The result is that over time many people are robbed the simple pleasure of taking a stroll.

Mindful Movement

Moving well begins with being body-aware and paying attention to how you stand and walk. Mindful meditation can lower pain and improve sleep , and you can apply many of these same ideas by moving mindfully as you walk, focusing your attention on your symmetry. (3/4)

mindful-walking (251x500)

Pay attention to each PostureZone®:

PostureZone® 4: Head

  • Look straight ahead.
  • Is your head jutting forward or held high?

PostureZone® 3: Torso

  • Are your shoulders slumped forward or rolled back and relaxed?
  • Do both arms swing symmetrically?

PostureZone® 2: Pelvis

  • Tuck your pelvis to engage your core

PostureZone® 1: Feet and Lower Extremity

  • Do you strike the same spot on each heel with every step?
  • Wear good shoes – they are your posture foundation.

Be mindful of standing tall when you walk strengthens your posture so you look good and move well.


Nordic Walking

Take your stroll to the next level with Nordic walking, a hybrid of walking and Nordic skiing. Using specially designed walking poles like these by Exerstrider you’ll engage the core, back, chest, spine and arm muscles for a total-body workout.

When using walking poles correctly, the work of propelling the body is shared by so many major muscles, you’ll actually feel like you’re working less while accomplishing much more, and with much less risk of injury.

Eddie Bauer sells a set of Nordic Walking Poles that we highly recommend to our patients. They are currently on sale for $28.00! Click here to visit the Eddie Bauer website.

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