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Your Posture "ACE": Control


Focused posture exercise to strengthen posture.

Control Your Motion to Improve Your Posture

Core strength and great balance are needed for strong posture. It can be the difference between moving with confidence and being unstable risking injury.

Strong posture helps you to look your best and move without pain.


Did You Know?

  • Standing up means using 640 muscles to balance 206 bones while not pinching 45 miles of nerves or 60,000 miles of blood vessels.
  • People with chronic back pain control their posture and balance differently…even when they’re having good days or taking pain-drugs.[i]  Exercising with focused attention on posture control can improve function, motion, confidence and reduce pain.[ii]
  • 1 in 3 adults over 65 fall every year[iii]
  •  Strengthening your balance to significantly reduce the risk of a fall[iv]


Be aware, and if you’re not sure, a posture professional can assess your symmetry and help improve motion with exercises focused on controlled motion.  Also, if motion is restricted, Massage Therapy can relax tight muscles, and Dr. Kim Greene-DesLauriers or Dr. Pierre DesLauriers can help to unlock spinal or other joint restrictions.

Exercise is good. Exercising with posture awareness and control is much better. Take action to improve your posture with controlled motion exercises like Yoga, Pilates and StrongPosture® exercises.

TIP: Working out with funky form can undermine function and performance, opening the door to injury.

How’s your posture?  Call our office today to schedule your Posture Assessment.

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