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Your Posture "ACE": Environment


Creating a posture friendly environment

Posture Smart Environments 

Are your home, work and exercise environments optimized for your body? Design your posture environment to align each PostureZone® and put an end to bad habits!

Did You Know?

People sit an average of 13 hours a day[i], sleep an average of 7 hours a day,[ii] which leaves only 4 hours a day to be active.

At Work – Sit strong, but not too long. Sitting folds your body restricting breathing and circulation, impacting health nearly as much as smoking![iii]

When you must sit, choose a chair that encourages erect posture. Try a seat support or wedge that supports from beneath by gently tilting the hips forward.  Set a reminder on your phone or computer to take frequent movement breaks.


At Home – Sleep soundly. Invest in a supportive mattress that keeps your body aligned, and sleep on your side or back.

Side sleeper: a pillow between your knees adds pelvic support.  Back sleeper: a contoured pillow can help you breathe easy.

Stand taller everywhere you go by choosing footwear for support and comfort. Your feet are the foundation for your posture.

Check the soles of your shoes for uneven wear as this can indicate posture imbalance.

How’s your posture?  Call our office today to schedule your Posture Assessment.

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